About Texoma

Your home away from home!

Boating with family at Lake Texoma

Welcome To The University of Texoma

Founded on the principle that the enjoyment of daily life will lead to a higher level of learning.

The University of Texoma dedicates itself to enriching the lives of those who become a part of a community, Since the opening of Lake Texoma in 1944 people have been taking part in this natural learning experience. Each year, we attract millions of individuals to the area in search of higher learning. From fishing and boating to playing golf and partaking in a variety of social activities, there is something for everyone here.

Catch the spirit with all the ongoing activities!

Become Part of The University of Texoma Experience!

What University of Texoma is:

  • Fun
  • Calling in sick to go fishing
  • Spending valuable time with your family
  • Making time for yourself

What University of Texoma Is Not

  • Classroom studies
  • Boring professors
  • Semester exams
  • Code of personal conduct