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Take the quiz below:

You have two friends, Bill and Ted, whose turn it is to supply the afternoon beer at the lake. Ted arrives with three cases of beer. Currently, there are six of you. Each person can drink three beers per hour and will give away 1 beer per hour to individuals for drinking games/general socializing. Within how many hours does Bill have to arrive before you run out of beer?

If you are supporting St. Judes, while participating in an annual fishing tournament on Lake Texoma, what kind of fish are you fishing for?

How many miles of shoreline does Lake Texoma have?

The University of Texoma was founded to promote pride for lake goers, while fostering a sense of excitement of all activities held at the lake. What year was the University of Texoma founded?

For some I go fast, for others I'm slow. To most people, I'm an obsession. Relying on me is a well practiced lesson. What am I?

A Water Hyacinth is infesting the surface of the lake and every day it doubles in size. If it takes 10 days to totally infest the lake, at what day was the lake surface only half infested?

What is the Lake Texoma record for a striped bass?

If you were to run around the lake what would that make you?

Lake Texoma is famous for its natural beauty. How many wildlife refuges does the lake have?

Friends + Lake = ?

If you have a four person beer bong, and it takes eight beers to fill the bong, how many beers will be consumed if it is used twice an hour over a six hour period?

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