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University of Texoma - Academics

Hands-on-Approach to Academics

University of Texoma believes in a hands-on-approach to academic life. Through a participative learning environment, individuals research a variety of different areas in order to find what they enjoy the most. By taking charge of your environment, you find what appeals to you most and learn during the process. At the University of Texoma you can become involved in a variety of academic pursuits including:

FishingIchthyology (the study of fish) - Lake Texoma boasts a wealth of bass, crappie, catfish and other species of fish. It is one of the few reservoirs in the nation where striped bass reproduce naturally. Spend your days getting to know more about the abundant life below the surface.

PhysicsPhysics – See what it takes to propel you across the water by wind or engine. Study the laws of gravity from a rope swing or by taking a dive from a cliff. Let the lake by your teacher as your learn all about the laws of physics.

Hotel and Restaurant ManagementHotel and Restaurant Management – Visit the numerous restaurants, bars and resorts that surround the lake.  Become and expert on the do’s and don’ts of the Hotel and Restaurant world. Now relaxing in luxury, dining by the water, and partying til sun goes down or comes back up has a rewarding learning experience!

Social StudiesSocial Studies – This is a favorite among faculty, students and visiting scholars. If learning about and taking part in everyday social activities interest you, the University of Texoma will foster your interest. Spend your days interacting with others on and around the lake. Find out what people like to do to blow off steam and have a good time. From lake games to drinking games, you will immerse yourself in your studies.

Physical EducationPhysical Education - Take time to learn about the body. From the study of the physical form to the research of human endurance and competitive spirit, the University of Texoma fosters an environment rich in learning. You can spend the day at the beach, sunbathing on a boat, playing on personal watercrafts, fishing, hiking, running, swimming, and a variety of other activities.

WildlifeZoology and Wildlife Biology – With two wildlife refuges available, you can learn firsthand about the abundant wildlife that calls Lake Texoma home.

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